Personnel Outsourcing & Employee Leasing


How can we help you?​

Employee Leasing

Customers in the construction, steel manufacturing, industrial, production, farming and hospitality sectors can use our personnel leasing services. To ensure that our customers have access to a ready-to-work employee, we carry out the hiring, payroll processing, and all other administrative responsibilities in accordance with relevant European law.​

Employee Recruitment

We provide comprehensive candidate recruitment services in accordance with customer requirements. We look for applicants, interview them, and assess their practical abilities. We carry out our hiring procedure.

Temporary Residence and Work Permit

In Poland, the procedures for hiring immigrants from outside the EU might be convoluted. We will take care of all administrative procedures and secure the necessary employment and residency permits. Our service is primarily intended for businesses looking to hire people from Asia.​

Should you outsource recruitment?

Agencies search the market longer and with greater knowledge to identify the best personnel for your company. We know what a great prospect looks like if you’re looking for a worker from the east of Europe. This entails getting down to business right away and cutting down on project delays.


The process of hiring new employees may be resource-intensive for a small business. Your hiring requirements might be more cost-effectively outsourced.

Looking for employees?

We know the value of a good employee. If your company is looking for such people, we invite you to partner with us!